For men with balls

A crazy idea becomes an extraordinary product.

A beautiful summer afternoon. On the beach of Noordwijk. A combination of Corona beer, kite surfing, salt water, itching and a few just shaved men below the belt, and the idea for a "ball cream" was born. The question remained sobered as to why there isn't a good product for men who shave themselves down there. 

Two years of researching, interviewing, developing, testing, improving, testing again and Gentl man Intimate Care is a fact. Worldwide the 1st intimate aftershave care for men. Truly a product for men with balls.

  • Nurturing


    Gentl softens, cools and nurtures the skin of the intimate zone.

Silky soft nurturing

Women's version follows quickly after

Of course it couldn't be left behind. After repeated complaints from the Gentl men that their partners were emptying their tubes, the development of Gentl woman was quickly started. With a equally great quality, but faster because of the knowledge already acquired, and completely attuned to the intimate zone of the woman. Because an extensive study showed that 56% of women suffer from irritation, itching, red bumps and even ingrown hairs after shaving or hair removal, we know we can add real help.

A silky soft bikini line without unsightly bumps is the result.

  • Recover your skin

    Recover your skin

    Gentl woman offers relief of irritation and itchiness. It helps your skin recover from red bumps and ingrown hairs.


Gentl Intimate Care nurtures the fragile skin of the pubic area. The cream has been dermatologically tested and is suitable for the most sensitive skin.


Gentl Intimate care purifies and cools the skin. It repairs wounds, redness and reduces itching and irritation. It inhibits hair growth with regular use.


Gentl Intimate care gives a dry, fresh and secure feeling. The skin remains soft even with friction. No sexual restrictions because both the smell and even the taste are pleasant.

Tips for shaving your balls safely:

  • Always use a clean razor.
  • Make sure that the blade is suitable for the intimate area.
  • Make sure you have good light.
  • For a close shave, use a shaving oil.
  • Tighten the skin to be shaved.
  • Don't go over it too often.
  • After shaving, pat skin dry and apply Gentl man.

The way to minimize the chance of unsightly irritation:

  • Waxing or IPL is always better than shaving to prevent irritation, but a lot more expensive.
  • If you shave, always use a clean blade that is suitable for the intimate area.
  • Exfoliate your skin regularly, but not right before shaving. Exfoliate, rest a day, then shave.
  • Use Gentl woman regularly. To help prevent irritation, use Gentl woman at least 3 days before and 4 days after shaving.
  • Still irritation, itching or a red bump? Cut open an ibuprofen liquid tablet with a knife and apply a drop on the spot.

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