• Intimate Razor

Intimate Razor

body and pubic hair razor

Designed especially for body and the intimate zone

€ 7,95
  • Especially designed for the pubic zone. Therefor also suitable for body and all sensitive parts. The 5 precision grinding blades are from Swedish steel. It is designed with a protection layer and system that uprights the hairs so they can be easily removed. 

    The big surrounded lubricating strip will release lubricating fluid containing aloe vera and vitamine E, when soaked in water that leaves the skin feeling soft and nourished. The open design is to prevent the razor from clogging, with a smooth and easy rinse.

    The elegant sleek handle with enhanced soft rubber is for easy, comfortable and safe control to shave areas and parts that are normally challenging.

  • The package contains the holder and one pack of blades. You can order refills. The special design is to easily remove pubic and body hair. The blades are from Swedish Steel. It contains a strips that when in contact with shaving gel or water releases Aloe Vera & Vitamine E to moisturize the skin. The razor has an open back for easy rinse and clean.

  • Apply a very thin layer of the Gentl man Shaving gel.  Always stretch the skin before starting to shave. This is very important especially when shaving your private parts. Try to shave an area only once as repeating can damage the skin.

    The one-button replaceable head design, with micro-angle pivoting design, follows the contours of your body, making shaving quick, smooth and effective. Shave along the hair gently and slowly; do not shave repeatly and heavily; Moisturize and maintain the skin using Gentl Intimate Aftershave.

    After using, clean and dry the blade for the next use.

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